Monday, November 10, 2008

The Babysitter

This is how Keston babysits . . . prop up the Pokemon book and go into great detail on which card has the most power and what card does what. It actually held her attention for a long time. Oh, if we could only find out what babies think.

Football is my life!

A few weeks ago Val and Chad were able to go to the Griz Football game. It was a great day, the weather cooperated and they had a blast. Val thought the game was boring because the Griz ran away with it but then ask Chad what his opinion is and you get a totally different story. It was the best day of his life, because "Football is my life". They returned home with posters and the Griz "head" towel that you swing around. Chad is always up for demonstration so ask if you run into him. Go Griz!