Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Valentine!

Happy Birthday Tylissa - I can't believe you are sweet 16. Love you!

Look what happens when you blink - they grow up way to fast.

Her 15th birthday. I really love her smile.

2009, in high school and growing faster than I want her to.

Tylissa, the teenager, having fun at the Calgary zoo in 2008.

Summer of 2007 - having fun at the waterslides. Life is great when you're 12.

August 2006 - Tylissa's last first day of elementary school. She is starting grade 6. Her hair really grows a lot in a year.

August 2005 - Tylissa's first day of grade 5. I love her smile.

Another cute haircut on my big 10 year old. Oct 2004.

This was Tylissa's last year of dance. She started violin lessons had hasn't looked back. May 2003.

What a cute 8 year old.

Tylissa's class made alphabet soup - she's still 7 here.

May 2001 7 years old, I sent the kids to bed and I was amazed at how great they went to bed only to discover that this is what they were doing. Keston drew a beautiful cat face on Tylissa. It took a few days and scrubbings to completely come off so she went to school with faded kitty face.

This is my favorite picture ever! My beautiful kids and they really love each other. Tylissa is almost 6, Keston is 2 1/2 and Chad is just a few days old. They were so precious and then they grew up.

Tylissa's first day of kindergarten. She is so cute.

Tylissa got Chucky when she was 1 1/2 (and his still alive). She loves this cat more than anything. What a cute 4 year old.

Our big 3 year old wanted to test out her round floaty in the bathtub - what a cute smile. This was the summer of 1998.

Tylissa loved being outside with her dad. Here is out cute 2 year old fishing in the spring 1997.

Her first Christmas. Sharing pretzels with Kayden.

Tylissa's blessing day, she is wearing the same dress that Sherylee and I wore.

Weighing in at 4 lbs 13 oz our sweetheart arrived February 14, 1995.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What was he thinking?

Remember Maggie - our puppy that is all fluff and no dog?

This is Chad in Maggie's crate . . . it took him a bit to get out of there and I don't even want to know how long it took him to get in. I guess those Super Bowl commercials just weren't interesting enough he had to find something else to do.

Annual Cake Auction

We had to try for another hum dinger at the annual cake auction for the Boy Scouts. So this is what we were able to whip out. The sea serpent. Chad did help me, he made the eyes, the teeth and came up with idea of putting fruit roll up in his teeth to make it look like seaweed.

Not to shabby for not having a lot of time to put it together. We ended up getting $90 for it this year. Yeah for the Boy Scouts and people who love cake.