Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tylissa' senior pictures

This is the first group of Tylissa's senior pictures.   She is going to have a hard time deciding which picture to submit to the yearbook.  I think one of the library ones because that is who she is.  I will upload the others later.  She can't do a serious face - I think it comes out very British-pursed-lips-who-took-my-tea.  She had a great night getting the pictures done.  I can't believe she is a senior!!!  I have already warned her that I will be an emotional wreck all year long. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

While the boys are away . . . Tylissa's room

While all the boys were away at scout camp, Tylissa and I finally redid her bedroom.  Tylissa had the colors picked out over a year ago.  This is what we came up with.  It took forever and I got little sleep but it looks pretty good. 
 The solid colors alternate between the two blues. 
 Tylissa loves it so that is what counts!
 Maggie also got a haircut.  You can't tell from the pictures, but she looks so adorable. 
 Look at that cute little face . . . .
She feels so much better, she hasn't been as hot.  I think we will do this every summer.

Chad's Canadian Vacation

Chad loves going to Canada in the summer.  He keeps asking if he can spend the whole summer.  Luckily I have parents who love cute little blonde boys and will take him for a few weeks.  There are many reasons why Chad loves to stay at Granny's:

1.  It's Granny's house . . . duh!
2.  His cousins are there
3.  Granny has great neighbors and they play and play and play and play some more.
4.  Slurpees
5.  and many more

Playing in the rain . . .
Granny and Grandpa took Chad, Austin and Preston camping in the Crowsnest Pass and they had a great time.  Nathan was in Utah so they were one boy short but they all survived.  They played tennis.
A new style . . . playing tennis in crocs.
Run Granny Run!
Look at that concentration.
Whittling . . . and guess who cut themselves . . . Grandpa.  He is already missing appendages.
They must have gotten their big sticks down to the little sticks.

 Playing by the water . . .

Posing at the playground.
Peek - a - boo!
Hi Chad!
Can you guess whose legs are whose?

Swimming in the pool.
The race is one . . . who needs Olympics when there is the great noodle race of 2012.
Morning walks to the Tim Horton's. 
Austin in character - I'm guessing Link?  What do you guess.
Holding up the bridge as the train goes over top!
Doing the happy dance!

After two weeks the Cardston 2nd Ward thinks Chad is an member.  He was passing the sacrament and then went to do baptisms with the youth.  I'm am surprised I could get him to come home. 

He has great memories of catching minnows down at the creek with the neighbors.  Playing on the slip and slide . . . with soap.  Eating all of Granny's fruit.  Thanks Granny and Grandpa for keeping a little boy happy for the summer!

Chad really missed his sister!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

We were lucky to have Grandpa at our house for his birthday.  We We went to Bojangles for breakfast and then went to Applebees for dinner.  After 44 years of marriage Granny sure does know Grandpa and got him the perfect card.  Hopefully you can hear the sound effects.

All I can say is it is a good thing the smoke detectors didn't go off - I was a little worried!  For future reference, Grandpa likes white cake with white frosting.  Out of all the fancy things he likes white cake with white frosting. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

4th of July

July 4th was right in the middle of the week this year so it made it hard to really do much.  Keston was at Melita Island working, Tylissa was at the pool working so Chad decided to teach me how to play disc golf.  I'm not sure how great of a teacher he is if he had to look for his Frisbee in there.

It was a fun afternoon - except for the snakes.

We then went up to Toren's for a bbq and fireworks.  We always have fun with them.  Other friends joined in and the two boys took over setting off the fireworks.  Happy to report, no major injuries. 

 I know it is hard to tell but this is the full moon coming over the mountains.  It was amazing with the fireworks below. 

Keston's NEW look

 Here is Keston on his birthday - look at that smile . . . and here he is just a couple weeks later.

 This is Keston after getting his braces on - we are sitting in the car at the orthodontist's office.

Here is another angle.  I love that dimple!  So in two years he will be the most handsome redhead ever!  I would like to give you an update but he has been on Melita Island all summer or at scout camp.  He doesn't call home complaining so I guess it is okay.  He has his first adjustment next week when he gets back from the Island. 

2012 Cardston Family Fun Run

The weekend of the temple trip was also the weekend of the Family Fun Run and Keston wanted to sign up with the rest of the family. 

Here are the boys ready to start the morning . . . on a rare occasion in Cardston for June, the sun was shining.

At the starting line for the 5 miler.  Keston, Chad, Nathan, and Aunt Sherylee ran the 5 miler.  Everyone else ran the 5 K.
Granny thought she would just walk along with Preston . . . um, I don't think so . . . he was off and running.
 The cheerleader was with me . . . "work it Aunt Sherylee, work it!"
 How she can smile so big while running, I think the cheerleader had something to do with it!
Austin attending his cheerleader duties and motivating the boys.  Keston was not going to let Chad win and Chad was not going to let Keston pull ahead.

Preston cruising across the finish line and Granny doing her best to keep up.  They actually did really great.  Becky was too fast for all of us.  She finished while we were taking pictures of those in the 5 miler.
Keston did not want Chad to beat him so he took off at the end.  

Chad finished and he kept up with Keston the whole race. 

Aunt Sherylee finishing in great time. 

 Grandpa finished in great fashion.  His goal was to beat 60 minutes, he finished in 59:59.  Way to beat that goal. 

Nathan made it through the 5 miler and in true Nathan fashion, he did it with a smile.

We had many medal winners, great job everyone - Grandpa even won the grand prize basket!  It was a great morning!