Monday, August 6, 2012

2012 Cardston Family Fun Run

The weekend of the temple trip was also the weekend of the Family Fun Run and Keston wanted to sign up with the rest of the family. 

Here are the boys ready to start the morning . . . on a rare occasion in Cardston for June, the sun was shining.

At the starting line for the 5 miler.  Keston, Chad, Nathan, and Aunt Sherylee ran the 5 miler.  Everyone else ran the 5 K.
Granny thought she would just walk along with Preston . . . um, I don't think so . . . he was off and running.
 The cheerleader was with me . . . "work it Aunt Sherylee, work it!"
 How she can smile so big while running, I think the cheerleader had something to do with it!
Austin attending his cheerleader duties and motivating the boys.  Keston was not going to let Chad win and Chad was not going to let Keston pull ahead.

Preston cruising across the finish line and Granny doing her best to keep up.  They actually did really great.  Becky was too fast for all of us.  She finished while we were taking pictures of those in the 5 miler.
Keston did not want Chad to beat him so he took off at the end.  

Chad finished and he kept up with Keston the whole race. 

Aunt Sherylee finishing in great time. 

 Grandpa finished in great fashion.  His goal was to beat 60 minutes, he finished in 59:59.  Way to beat that goal. 

Nathan made it through the 5 miler and in true Nathan fashion, he did it with a smile.

We had many medal winners, great job everyone - Grandpa even won the grand prize basket!  It was a great morning!

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