Monday, September 26, 2011

She's Still Got It!

Look who's still got it. After all she is still only 20. So in honor of yet another 20th birthday (really, how many can one have . . . I'm just saying) we all say - you go girl!

The glass like water called to her . . . or as Austin said "there was a disturbance in the force"

This is the second time she skied. The first day the water was so beautiful and it was glass. This day it was more like Montana water.

And she still lives - great job Granny! Love the do, by the way . . . but not as much as we love you!

Happy Birthday Granny!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tally Lake 2011 - Fun in the H20

This summer Rob and Becky's family and Granny and Grandpa spent some time at Tally Lake and lucky us, we got to join them for some of it. They had fun camping, playing in the water, and man to do they eat well. We joined them on Friday night and Saturday and then they came and spent Sunday with us. Keston had High School open house on Monday and I needed to finish a final paper for class (okay I needed to start it too) so we didn't go back out. Keston did get to spend some time as well and off course I had no batteries in the camera so I didn't get any pictures of him. Great I know.

Tylissa kneeboarding - she loves this and does great.

Chad on the kneeboard - he had fun this summer learning all the fun things you can do.

Tylissa cliff jumping. Chad did this too but Becky has all those pictures (hint hint to send them to me).

Chad on the wakeboard. He loves it!

I finally broke down and tried the fat boy ski. And I did pretty good too and I'm full of tricks. Just when you think I will go down - oh guess what - I'm still up so keep the boat going Rob. One must remember the philosophy of Joker about cold water . . .

Not bad - until the wipe out preceded by the scream.

We had a great tube ride, Becky, Alyssa, and I. Rob dragged us up and down that lake.

Chad's awesome skills - he'll soon be jumping the wake.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Melita Island 2011 Boy Scouts

This is how we say good morning in Montana. It is one of the many reasons why we love living here. It's a good thing Val will get up to take such beautiful pictures . . . I will provide the sunset pictures one day.

The Boy Scouts own an island on Flathead Lake and every summer scouts from all over come to experience life on Melita Island. With this view every morning, can you blame them.

Chad is on the far right getting ready to do the polar plunge. Every morning at 6 a.m. he got up to do this crazy stunt. Crazy things boys will do for a badge. Trust me Flathead Lake is not that warm, especially at 6 a.m.

Another beautiful morning on the lake.

Means another polar plunge. The boys had to participate 4 out of the 5 mornings so Chad slept in the last morning. The boy in the yellow towel is from our troop and he was 1 out of 3 that did it every morning. Say it with me . . . crazy!

The Troop's camp site. Keston didn't stay with the troop because he was also working. This week nearly killed him because he was up at 4:30 to start breakfast for 300 scouts would work the breakfast shift, do his classes/activities, work the lunch shift, more classes/activities, work the dinner shift and they hang out til 11:30 p.m. at the campfire.

The only picture of Keston - he wasn't with the group much because he was working. Keston lived on the island for about 7 weeks and he loved every minute of it. Because he was such a hard worker and got up every morning he gets to choose where to work next year and guess what . . . it will not be in the kitchen. He is working on his leather work. he made this great arm band.

The whole troop. Even though Chad is only 11 he got to go with his dad and he had a great time.

On one of the last days they have the raft race. Chad rode the raft and the older boys pulled him through the course. They won by a long shot. One troops raft completely fell apart but if you wait until the last minute and just tie the barrels together you get . . . a winning . . . raft . . . something is wrong with this picture.

Another year of scout camp is over. Everyone loves it. It was hard to get Keston to come home, Val would prefer to live out there, and Chad had a great time - he is already talking about wanting to work on the island. It is great to be in such a beautiful place. We are blessed!