Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Home Sick

Things you have to do to stay at home so you can update the blog and take a nap or naps really it hasn't been a nap, yesterday I didn't leave the bed. Luckily it was just a little flu bug so I should be good to go tomorrow - maybe. I didn't even hear the kids get up and leave this morning - Keston was all on his own this morning because Val was with Tylissa at seminary. So what have we learned - the kids don't need me to get them up and get them breakfast they are big enough to do it all on their own. I'm not sure how I feel about that . . . is it a good thing or do I still want them to need their mommy!

Well I'm off to take another nap.

Keston's favorite class

You'll never guess what it is - not math, science, and definitely not English. This trimester Keston signed up for a sewing class and he is loving it and I'm told by his teacher that he is quite the seamster - is that a word because he's not a seamstress . . . huh something to think about.

Anyhoo . . . he has made a gym bag, his pillow, dice, and nunchuck things. Granny may have help this year with the jammies! I'm hoping he'll learn how to hem pants.

Calvin in real life

Chad's class earned a somewhat free day where the kids got to dress up like characters from their favorite book and, of course, we are informed the day before but we pulled it off. Meet Calvin minus Hobbes, the scary part is that Chad has more Calvin behaviors than I would like to admit.
Does the word mischievous come to mind?
We were trying to get his hair like Calvin and I caught Chad making faces in the mirror. What a kid!

Halloween a bit late

It is a bit sad when the kids are at an age that they are all going in separate directions. Chad is the only one who carved a pumpkin. The other two pumpkins are still just sitting in the garage.

He did it all by himself (I did help get some of the guts out) but the carving was all him.

Friday Tylissa went to her first stake dance and had a great time. Keston went his first middle school dance and he just ran around. I am still hoping that he is scared of girls. Maybe!
Halloween was a busy day. The boys went down to Missoula to watch the Griz play Weber State. So Tylissa and I stayed home and went to the ward Trunk-or-Treat. From there Tylissa went to a party. When the guys got home Keston went to his party and Chad and Val met me up at Toren's for Chad to go trick-or-treating. Crazy day! I miss the kids being little.

The jellyfish . . . and a cute one!

The spoon - it's what he wanted.

And the too cool to dress up so just get me a mask.