Monday, March 31, 2014

Winter in Montana

Keston finished out his swim season.  He cut a lot of time of his events and found he really liked the breast stroke.  This is at one the University of Montana meets. 

Chad and I blew some bubbles when it was below freezing . . . really below and they freeze almost instantly.  Then when you touch them they melt - they don't pop.  We had a lot of fun but golly gee whiz it was chilly outside. 
 We went snow shoeing and had fun.  Val and Keston grew some awesome mustaches. 

 I learned to stay at the back, otherwise I get pushed over.
It was hard work climbing up the hill to get started . . . so the kids are taking a breather.  Tyler, Chad, Keston and Sera are just chillin'.

Keston throwing himself down the hill.  They love the flips and flops down.  Chad wore his action cam but I don't know what he did with the pictures.
Sera trying the slide down on the belly . . . she was pretty successful.
Tyler trying the back down but it work so well.
 We had the annual Scout Auction and Chad helped make an awesome chocolate mustache cake. 

The boys entered a dodgeball tournament so we went and played at the church.  I know you can't really see the lovely new colors on my nose but Keston got be really good right in the face.  I am really trying to believe that he did it out of love but I got a lot of funny looks at work for the next week or so.  

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Birthday to Chad

Can you believe my baby is 14?  Holy smokes . . . how is that possible?  Chad wanted to go to Hu Hot for his birthday.  With his birthday on a Friday we knew we had to get there early and it was a good thing because all those Canadians came it and took over the place. 

Opening up his magnetic putty.  He has been having a lot of fun with that . . . it really does swallow up the magnet.
 A helmet for his action cam.  It even fits.
 Lighting the candles on his birthday pies.  They are always banana creme . . . and they are always yummy!
Chad and Tyler showing their true colors.  They sure do have a great time together.
Happy Birthday kid . . . we love you!

Christmas 2013

It was a pretty laid back Christmas at the Hemsleys.  Val and I both worked so we couldn't really go up to Canada and Tylissa just wanted to be home.  So it was just us - the Toren's didn't even make it over but we still had fun.

The start of the pinata.  We did start youngest to oldest as per tradition.  This is back to Keston's turn.
 I am being the dork that I love to be.
Chad doing his best Babe Ruth interpretation.
 Can't forget dad!
Thanks for the jammies Granny!  We were excited to see jammies again in the pinata.

Connecting with the family in Canada for cousin gifts.  It was a fun way to do the cousin gifts!

 We were so busy talking that I didn't get pictures of the kids opening their gifts but here is the final product.  Thanks Paul for the mini sticks, Austin for the globe puzzle, and Kaylene for the book - great gifts will lots of love!

I hope this is not a Christmas Eve tradition . . . playing Quelf . . . it really is a stupid game but the kids love it.
 See - one of the byproducts of said silly game.
 We were blessed again on Christmas morning.  However, the kids really do need to start waking up before me . . . it is getting old waking them up.
 Keston with his mini fig sideburns . . . Chad with his mini figs.

Tylissa figuring out her camera!
 Keston and his camera - I look for some great pictures from these two.
Val with his backpacking stove.
Loving every little minute of Christmas morning.
Chad with his action camera.
 Having a drink with his fun straw.
Christmas was great!  We opened gifts, ate breakfast and then headed off to see the new Hobbit movie.  A great day.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Goodbye Friend

Just before Tylissa came home for Thanksgiving break her dear friend passed away, poor Chucky.  Tylissa knew when she went to school that she may not see him again.  We knew it would be soon, he was so old and he wasn't looking very good.  Each morning we would be surprised when he would come eat.

Tylissa picked out Chucky by herself before she was 2.  At the time friends of ours had two cats that both had kittens at the same time and each cat had eight kittens.  I still remember it.  Tylissa sitting in their living room covered in kittens.  She had kittens crawling everywhere and she just giggled the whole time.  She finally picked out her kitty and she has loved him ever since.   Chucky lived a good long life, he was about 17 years old.  It has been a little weird without a cat around here because Val and I have had a cat since we've been married.  Good thing we still have Maggie. 

Here is Tylissa and Chucky in March 1997 - she had just turned 2.  They grew up together and Chucky endured all the loving she gave him.  Chucky looks bigger than Tylissa.

I love this picture.  This is where Chucky would usually sleep.  Tylissa is about 3 1/2 in this picture.  

This is a repeat picture.  Kaylene made matching hats for Tylissa and Chucky for Christmas in 2008.  Chucky looks thrilled doesn't he?  Chucky became an outside cat but they were still bestest of friends.

Goodbye Chucky - you were a dear friend.  I am not sure what makes Tylissa more sad - missing you or the fact that she is growing up.  She is really missing not having a pet in her small dorm.  

The Great Hunt of '13

Val and Chad embarked on the great hunt of '13 over to Colstrip.  They had a great time and both were able to get a deer so we have lots of yummy meat in the freezer.   It is fun and Chad was able to shoot his first deer.  He shot it is the stomach which made it, as Chad says, very smelly when they had to clean it.  Chad loves to go to Colstrip . . . he loves the small town feel and playing with his cousins. 

The elk still eludes the mighty hunters but one year they may get one and we will need to get a bigger freezer but until then we are happy with the venison.

Chad loves to play around on the rocks.  

This will be the last year of the 10 day hunting trips because next year it will be harder for Chad to miss class since he will be in high school.   It will be interesting to see what the great hunt of '14 will be. 

Best Graduation Gift

After two and a half years I finally finished my bachelor's degree.  Note to all you young people . . . get your degree early because trying to get it while working full time, being in the primary presidency, and oh yeah - raising a family - was not easy.  Doable yes - but hard.  Get your education while your are young!

Anywhoo . . . when I finished I posted on Facebook to join me in a cartwheel.  So low and behold I get a great picture from Uncle Dave showing my dad doing his LAST cartwheel.   Then he sent me the whole process.  To hear dad tell it is so much better.  It has to with being upside down and then realizing that it was not a good idea.  Mom and Dad were vacationing in New Zealand but I love that even though they were so far away they celebrated with me.

You have to admit the take off looks pretty good.  The middle is a little scary.  The end, well . . . it wasn't the most graceful but he made it down without breaking anything and still smiling.  Whew!  Love you dad!