Sunday, January 26, 2014

Goodbye Friend

Just before Tylissa came home for Thanksgiving break her dear friend passed away, poor Chucky.  Tylissa knew when she went to school that she may not see him again.  We knew it would be soon, he was so old and he wasn't looking very good.  Each morning we would be surprised when he would come eat.

Tylissa picked out Chucky by herself before she was 2.  At the time friends of ours had two cats that both had kittens at the same time and each cat had eight kittens.  I still remember it.  Tylissa sitting in their living room covered in kittens.  She had kittens crawling everywhere and she just giggled the whole time.  She finally picked out her kitty and she has loved him ever since.   Chucky lived a good long life, he was about 17 years old.  It has been a little weird without a cat around here because Val and I have had a cat since we've been married.  Good thing we still have Maggie. 

Here is Tylissa and Chucky in March 1997 - she had just turned 2.  They grew up together and Chucky endured all the loving she gave him.  Chucky looks bigger than Tylissa.

I love this picture.  This is where Chucky would usually sleep.  Tylissa is about 3 1/2 in this picture.  

This is a repeat picture.  Kaylene made matching hats for Tylissa and Chucky for Christmas in 2008.  Chucky looks thrilled doesn't he?  Chucky became an outside cat but they were still bestest of friends.

Goodbye Chucky - you were a dear friend.  I am not sure what makes Tylissa more sad - missing you or the fact that she is growing up.  She is really missing not having a pet in her small dorm.  

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