Sunday, January 26, 2014

Best Graduation Gift

After two and a half years I finally finished my bachelor's degree.  Note to all you young people . . . get your degree early because trying to get it while working full time, being in the primary presidency, and oh yeah - raising a family - was not easy.  Doable yes - but hard.  Get your education while your are young!

Anywhoo . . . when I finished I posted on Facebook to join me in a cartwheel.  So low and behold I get a great picture from Uncle Dave showing my dad doing his LAST cartwheel.   Then he sent me the whole process.  To hear dad tell it is so much better.  It has to with being upside down and then realizing that it was not a good idea.  Mom and Dad were vacationing in New Zealand but I love that even though they were so far away they celebrated with me.

You have to admit the take off looks pretty good.  The middle is a little scary.  The end, well . . . it wasn't the most graceful but he made it down without breaking anything and still smiling.  Whew!  Love you dad! 

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