Sunday, January 29, 2012

Skiing Part I

Here we go - starting the day off on the magic carpet.

Smiling is good.

First try . . .

She's going . . .

going . . .

And she's gone. Whew, she didn't know if she would stop.

Keston having a great time.

They are rockin' the magic carpet.

Chad on the snowboard

He's off . . .

And doing ok.

And he's down.

Feeling more comfortable.

Wipe out! We had made it to the bigger hill and then there was a domino effect, the snowboards, and three of us all went down.

We Love Montana - Skiing Part II

I know we got carried away with the pictures but we had such a great day. These are the pictures of the afternoon!

Keston caught up with his friend Colin and they had a great afternoon!

Chad riding up the magic carpet.

Not bad for an old chickie.

The old man can do it too.

She had such a great time and didn't complain once. Look at the pizza slice.

Getting more comfortable.

Look at him go . . .

Around the orange cones.

We graduated to the bigger hill.

Keston had the best time and he picked it up so quickly.

Chad got to the big hill.

Look at him go.

Look at that form


Total concentration - I love the tongue in her cheek.

I'm totally getting this!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

How sweet is this?

We are so grateful for friends who love us and think Chad is great because we don't have cable and the college football championship was on so we took the pizza and they provided the game (kind of a boring game). N got to play with the "Real Chad" during half time and commercials and I got to love and snuggle baby A who was only 4 weeks old.

How sweet is this. She is such a good baby and slept through Chad holding her. I love new baby smell.

Fun Family Pictures

We were able to get some last minute family pictures taken. Here are some great ones. Tylissa is 16. Keston is 14. Chad is 12 (ok two weeks from 12 but we are calling him 12).

I am practicing grandma lips.

I told Keston - no serious poses and this is what I got.

She is so beautiful and I love her hair.

Group hug!

Not bad after 20 years.