Sunday, January 8, 2012

The 2nd Annual White Elephants Gift Exchange

Because the holidays were so busy we decided to roll in the Hemsley/Toren 2nd Annual White Elephant gift exchange in with the Survivor finale and crepes. The finale was ok, the crepes were delicious and the gift exchange was delightful.

M went and picked the biggest box - always a temptation. Inside Chad had hidden the football helmet underneath a lot of paper. She was so funny after digging through the box she found the helmet and her exact words . . . " a football helmet, I am not happy" so then she sat in the box.

B picked a bag with a mug and hot chocolate and it was grabbed up so she ended up with a sparkly pink purse.

Keston with hot hands and a wonderful Billy Ocean cd . . . he actually listened to it and put some songs on his iPod - do you remember Caribbean Queen?

Other fun gifts - an elephant book, a mixed tape, chocolate bars . . . the kids didn't know what the tape was - seriously - we can't be that old yet!

The temptation was too great - DT had to try on the helmet.

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