Saturday, January 28, 2012


We were very lucky to have the trusty watch dog guarding the Christmas stockings. So grateful Granny is prepared when I forgot our stockings at home.

Good Morning! It is a good thing Great Grandma Berry called at 645 so we knew when to wake up. She must not remember how teenagers like to sleep.

Opening up the stockings.

We couldn't resist this is the cutest vest but Maggie doesn't agree. She will not move when we put it on her. It is a good thing she has her own thick coat to keep her warm.

We must have been really good, Santa found us.

Val got a new scripture case.

What could it be, what could it be.

It's a pink ripstick. Now to wait 8 months for the snow to melt.

Tylissa's new color scheme for her bedroom. Hopefully we will get it all done before she goes away to college.

The kendama - full of fun and hours of entertainment. Remember to spell it right when googling - you never know what will come up, just ask Chad.

Keston got one too.

I love this girl!

Granny sulking on because Grandpa got a wonderful calendar for Christmas and she didn't get one. We'll see who wins the battle of where the calendar will hang. Grandpa thinks it will look great up in the shop.

Dad on Christmas morning.

We had a wonderful Christmas. After Grandma Berry's wake up call we opened gifts, played a little, ate breakfast and then headed to church. It was a wonderful Christmas service, full of music and the spirit was there. It was definitely the perfect ending to the perfect morning.

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