Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's New and Exciting

It has been awhile since Tylissa's birthday and a lot has happened and at the same time not much has happened. Is that even possible? So what has happened. The kids finished another trimester at school and we are on the downhill side. Yippee! They are doing ok, Tylissa is working so hard, Keston made the honor roll, and Chad is doing also well.

I cut my hair - 12 inches. To me it is very short but I am starting to like it. I donated the hair to Locks of Love. If your going to cut it might as well go big.

I also took a day off from work and by the end of the day I was enrolled in college. Yep, I have been asking myself ever since - What was I thinking? I found a great program through Ashford University and hopefully in a couple of years I will have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Marketing and Communications. Classes are five weeks each so it moves pretty fast. I get worried that I won't remember it all. I did great for my first class but now that I am almost half way done my second class all I can think of is ugh! Really who cares if I put the appropriate citations in my weekly assignments, my instructor probably but ahhhhhh! Did I already say UGH!?! Two years - I can do this for two years, right?

We are gearing up for the spring, Val's busy season has started and he and Keston have a huge Scout camp with summer that Val is involved with so we don't see much of him.

We just found out that Keston gets to work out at Melita Island again this summer, he is pretty excited. I'm not sure how much we will see him this summer if he is on the island a lot.

Track season has started for Keston - he has tried out the high jump and the hurdles at practice, but he is not sure if he will compete in them. He is having fun trying them out. He is still going to do the long jump and the triple jump and he is going to add in the mile and maybe the 100 meter. Meets start next week but he is going to miss the first one because he has a temple trip.

Chad is also going to try track this year. He's not sure what he wants to try but it is something new for him. His practices will start in a couple of weeks.

Well spring is going to be busy but bring it on because it is coming anyway.