Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why We Love Montana Winters

Oh let me count the ways.
1. Everything looks amazing covered in snow
2. I love to hear the snow crunch when you walk on it.
3. Out in the woods it's quiet and calm.
4. It can be very soft and fluffy - great to fall into.
5. It's our down time around here. It's crazy in the spring, summer, and fall.
6. Spring is too slushy and muddy.
7. Fall is ok but not as great as winter.

We love to go snowshoeing but we don't get to go very often. The kids have a great time and for the most part everyone gets along great. It's quiet and beautiful and we have a fabulous time just walking around. If I can get the videos to work it's the kids after our snowshoe trek throwing themselves down the hill. Tylissa had a little more finess than the boys - in fact her comment was "they could be stunt men". It ends with hot chocolate and singing along to Taylor Swift in the car . . . in all honesty Val doesn't sing along but I have a feeling you all knew that.

I could only get one video to upload and it's late, I'm tired so I'll try for round two tomorrow. Love to everyone!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Love of Siblings

To save on postage my siblings ship everything (and I really mean everything) to my house rather than cross the border. It does save money and time. So Sherylee calls because they need to ship Brett and Malori's gift here and Ken will pick it up. So the first day we miss the UPS delivery and the next day we miss the UPS delivery so I leave a note of the door tell the delivery man to please the the PACKAGE just inside the door and to be careful there is a small dog. So the kids get home from school and call asking me what came and I nonchalantly tell them that Aunt Sherylee ordered a package. They were a little confused and I was in the middle of something.

Well this is what greeted me when I came home . . .

Sherylee's package is in there somewhere and I think the UPS guy got a kick out of my note and the one package.
Now this is only round one - Ken did come pick up all his packages but before the long we started receiving packages for Rob and Becky. They are lucky because Granny and Grandpa Paul had them packed up before I could get a picture.
Most kids get excited about seeing a package on the doorstep - not the Hemsleys because it is never for us. So options . . .
1. Start a shipping company for the Canadians
2. Buy a whole bunch of stuff from Canada and ship it to the family
3. Tell the family - seriously - no more
4. Be grateful they ship it here otherwise no one would ever come visit us.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Birthday Boy is 10

Can you believe my cute little baby is 10? It has been a whole decade since he came into our family. Where did the time go? Well because his dad had to work we did his birthday in steps. He opened his presents when dad came home for lunch.

Another Transformer (actually 3 in one package) Keston had to get in there and check it out.

The Bottle Tops - you know how kids get something in their head and won't let it go. Hence the Bottle Tops - they snap on pop cans and it then works like a sports bottle. His giving heart started working because the package came with 12 he let each of us pick a color. The kids have already decided that they will work great at Wasa.

Maggie hanging out watching Chad open his presents.

And the snow board - now if only the snow will stick around for him to try it out.

That night we went to Bajio for dinner - it is a great little Mexican restaurant and he first went there two days ago with "the boys" after dad took them to see the new Avatar movie but he loved it so much that he wanted to go back for his birthday.

We ate so much and he had a friend spend the night that we almost forgot about the cake - it was nearly 10 p.m. when we lit the candles.

One big breath was all it took and I so wanted to count for girlfriends. Chad wanted an angel cake and the other cake his friends made and brought over for him.

What a great kid - soon we will have a party with his friends from school but we wanted to wait until everyone was back in school so wish me luck.

Happy Birthday Chad - we love you!

Christmas 2009

Here is all the loot under the tree. Looks like a great morning is about to begin.

The stockings just waiting for some attention.

Go Griz - currently Chad's favorite team - but who knows now that Coach Hauck left.

Tylissa wanted more jammies - yep the bow as got to go.

Dad's new movie - that should keep him busy for a while.

One of Keston's favorite series - the Percy Jackson and Last Olympian - the movie comes out in February!

Tylissa loves these movies - because she loves everything Egypt. She'll be in front of the tv for a wee bit.

Be careful when you come downstairs a nerf bullet may go whizzing by your face or suddenly be attached to your hiney!

Culprit number 2 of the whizzing nerf bullets

Playing Band Hero - we had a lot of fun all morning long.

Chad made monkey bread for breakfast but it was hard to get the kids to slow down and eat. We had a great day just being together and having fun.

The Cousin Gifts - always a highlight

Here we go with the cousin exchange - always anticipated on Christmas Eve.

Chad got a bionicle from Austin - thanks so much. I believe that makes 4 boys = 4 bionicles.

Keston got a game and pokemon cards from Karson - thanks Karson!

Tylissa got the New Moon soundtrack from Mark - who knew Mark was so into the teen scene. Thanks Mark she is loving it and won't let me listen to it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Eve

The evening began with dinner - yummy bbq steaks, baked potatoes, veggies, jello, homemade rolls, salad - it was all so delicious! Then we moved on the nativity. Chad is a handsome Joseph and M is a beautiful Mary.

Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethleham.

The shephards being afraid of the angel and that is where the story left off - I didn't have the part about the wisemen. Oh well next year we might get the story right.
Bring out the pinata. Always a highlight on Christmas Eve. It always starts youngest to oldest. So B went first.

She had such a good time. Every time she would hit it she would come back and say "almost". She was so much fun to watch and to experience Christmas again through a two-year-old.
M takes a mean swing.
K has the pose down and she did get some great whacks in there too.
Chad, I'm afraid, will never be normal. Oh that kid. he had fun hitting it.
Keston doing his thing.
The bigger winner of the evening and the pinata breaker was - Tylissa. Let's hear for the girls!
Ohh Ohh Ohh - everyone so excited about what was inside.
The kids in their jammies and blankets.
Stay tuned for more Christmas Eve fun. It was a great night.

Gingerbread (Graham Cracker) Houses

K and M decorating their houses. Lots of licking fingers!

So many goodies - what to do. K, M and Keston!

DT and B - look and that concentration - must put it there!

Tylissa and Chad - the big house the adults were supposed to decorate but we were too interested in the Survivor Finale.

Looks like Keston has had one to many pieces of candy.
It was a great night. Mom and dad were here, we had Nauvoo tacos, decorated the houses and watched Survivor. The best part was no school the next day because it was Christmas vacation. Although Val and I did have to get up to work. ugh!