Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

Here is all the loot under the tree. Looks like a great morning is about to begin.

The stockings just waiting for some attention.

Go Griz - currently Chad's favorite team - but who knows now that Coach Hauck left.

Tylissa wanted more jammies - yep the bow as got to go.

Dad's new movie - that should keep him busy for a while.

One of Keston's favorite series - the Percy Jackson and Last Olympian - the movie comes out in February!

Tylissa loves these movies - because she loves everything Egypt. She'll be in front of the tv for a wee bit.

Be careful when you come downstairs a nerf bullet may go whizzing by your face or suddenly be attached to your hiney!

Culprit number 2 of the whizzing nerf bullets

Playing Band Hero - we had a lot of fun all morning long.

Chad made monkey bread for breakfast but it was hard to get the kids to slow down and eat. We had a great day just being together and having fun.

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turaga jaller said...

typo alert it is percy jacksin and the OLYMPIANS the last olympian is book iv