Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why We Love Montana Winters

Oh let me count the ways.
1. Everything looks amazing covered in snow
2. I love to hear the snow crunch when you walk on it.
3. Out in the woods it's quiet and calm.
4. It can be very soft and fluffy - great to fall into.
5. It's our down time around here. It's crazy in the spring, summer, and fall.
6. Spring is too slushy and muddy.
7. Fall is ok but not as great as winter.

We love to go snowshoeing but we don't get to go very often. The kids have a great time and for the most part everyone gets along great. It's quiet and beautiful and we have a fabulous time just walking around. If I can get the videos to work it's the kids after our snowshoe trek throwing themselves down the hill. Tylissa had a little more finess than the boys - in fact her comment was "they could be stunt men". It ends with hot chocolate and singing along to Taylor Swift in the car . . . in all honesty Val doesn't sing along but I have a feeling you all knew that.

I could only get one video to upload and it's late, I'm tired so I'll try for round two tomorrow. Love to everyone!


Jessica said...

bah ha ha ha that video was hilarious!!! I'm insanely jealous of your snow explorations right now. Missing it madly. Missing you more though! Love you!

4 kids and a milk cow said...

Hi Michelle-

Thanks for the christmas card. It will be great to see what you guys are up too. I can't believe how big your kids are getting. We are at Take care and it looks like the snow was great!! :) Love- Wendy & Layne

Kartchner Family said...

Too beautiful, nice tumbling Chad (I think). Could you post a couple pictures of blizzard like conditions, that is winter as I remember it.

The Doig family said...

Beautiful pictures! Good for you guys getting out and enjoying winter. Austin recently had a test on which a multiple choice question asked "An appropriate way to enjoy winter on the prairies is: a. Get outside and enjoy winter sports b.--- c.--- d. Bundle up and stay inside. He chose d. and didn't get the point, although I know who he learned that from.

Brad said...

One word: jealous...