Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cartoon kids

The kids wanted to get caricatures of themselves and I'm glad we did - they turned out great!

Tylissa in the Roman empire.

Keston as Link from Zelda - it's a video game.

Chad as the cutest Jedi, I have ever seen.

On to Legoland

Another knight dude - it amazes me that everything is made from Lego's.

AHHHHHH - Keston being eaten by the shark.

He looks so worried doesn't he?

Tylissa at least trying to look frighten.

He is awfully smiley as he gets eaten by the shark.

This was the coolest dragon ever - totally made of Lego's.

My knight is shining armour!

The tallest ghost ever!!!

Keston and Chad with the mini fig skeleton - these were all over the park.

Tylissa and Chad with the mini fig skeleton outside the Egyptian ride that Tylissa wants to live in.

Feeding the Lego camel . . .

Tylissa loves everything Egyptian.

Keston and a bionicle dude - don't ask me which one because all I would be able to tell you in the red one.

Chad and the big green bionicle dude.

Meeting the Lego pirate.

R2D2 legofied and his head or top actually spun around.

Chad really thrilled to be fighting the dark side.

Look at that stance - who will win.

The biggest Lego pumpkin I have ever seen - well the only Lego pumpkin I have every seen.
We had fun in Legoland - it was a slow day. The rides were okay after Disney. The best ride we didn't even get a picture of. They strap you in to this robotic looking arm and you get to pick the degree of wildness and then the arm whips you around and you're rotated upside down and everything. It was so sudden that it catches you off guard and you are laughing the whole time.
It only sprinkled a bit but it was still overcast and the sun refused to shine. The fun part was the kids bought these mystery mini figs and then you could trade them with employees at the park. They really had fun with that. They ended up with a Mexican in a sombrero, a disco dude with an afro, Tylissa's Egyptian one, a weightlifter, explorer, and others.
We then watched a 4D little movie that was pretty neat - all in all another great day.

Disney Halloween Parade

The start of the parade . . .

The princesses - my batteries died on the camera after this one so I missed them coming close.

Up close with Bullseye and Woody.

This is the whole gang - Donald Duck is on the other side so you can't see him. It was fun to watch.

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Not Over Yet - we had a LOT of FUN!

Tylissa got to meet some princesses . . . I didn't get a picture of her meeting Ariel but here is Sleeping Beauty.

And Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

I made the kids go on It's a Small World . . . and I was even questioning why. That song! This is Keston as the ride was starting and it went on forever. Really - skip the small world - it doesn't matter how many languages it is sung in . . . ahhhhhh!!! Now I have it singing in my head just because I typed the title . . . stop the madness.

The big whale is coming - run - Run - RUN!

I guess they aren't royalty - they couldn't release the sword.

The mighty Keston is not so mighty.

Pull Dopey - pull. Chad in his Dopey hat. He may be amazing at football but not so much with a sword.

Notice all the people in raincoats behind the pumpkin . . . Disneyland made a killing on those puppies while we were there. Everyone had raincoats on.

The ever cute Chad.

The Terrific Tylissa.

The kiddo Keston - but really he is not that much of a kiddo.

C is for Chad!

California Adventure - Pixar Parade

More fun in the rainy state of California.

The Toy Story gang - Hamm, Woody, Jessie, Rex, and the acrobats on the tinkertoy went around and around and we were at the start of the parade route - that is a lot of holding on.

Mr Potato Head - he came over and gave the boys a middle 5 - his hands don't go that high.

The big man, Buzz Lightyear!
The Aliens from Toy Story . . .

We loved these guys - the army men from Toy Story - we saw them a few times around the park and they cracked us up. Really, who can remain that serious painted green?

The bugs from Bugs Life, Flick and Princess Atta. The guys behind them were on these swing things and were fun to watch.

Jack Jack from the Incredibles - he hair would actually look like it was on fire.

Mr. Incredible - I missed the picture of Mrs Incredible (she had a padded butt on - it was hilarious)

The funny CDA guys from Monsters, Inc.

Sully - Mike was on the back. This was one of our lucky moments - we ended up at the start of the parade route for the Pixar Parade. It was great!

The kids got to meet Minnie Mouse - I think Chad is a little to close to this girl - even if she is a mouse. Tylissa got a few autographs. This was by Soarin' over California.

Meeting Kenai the bear from Brother Bear. He even kissed my hand.

Going into California Adventure - we like this better than Disneyland - they had more rides that we liked including the Twilight Tower of Terror, California Screamin', Soarin' over California, and the Toy Story Mania. In case the sweatshirts are blocking the view - we all wore matching t-shirts.

Keston thought these guys were great and both boys want the jumpy shoes.


In line at the Haunted Mansion - don't know what the black streak is through the picture but it is haunted . . .

In the castle court yard.

By Sleeping Beauty's castle - can you find all the dwarves? Why are the Snow White's dwarves by Sleeping Beauty's castle?

Going into Space Mountain - this was our favorite ride - dark, fast, scary, weird ghosts things - it was GREAT!

In line for Space Mountain - we went on this ride at least 6 times and the longest wait was 25 minutes.

The ending of World of Color - it was amazing!!! The big Mickey Mouse ferris wheel in the back.

On the ferris wheel.

On the big Mickey Mouse ferris wheel - it was kinda ugh. Tylissa sure loves her brothers, can't you tell.

Anyone need new toys - these are available for the low low price of $19.95 on sale. Anyone?

Getting ready for California Screamin' - we loved this roller coaster!

In Tarzan and Jane's tree house - the leopard is behind the kids.

In the crazy tea cups - and Granny - the kids didn't get us sick, HA (but they sure tried).

Goofy came walking by and shook Chad's hand and patted Keston's head but I didn't get that shot.

Meeting Pluto in Toontown

Keston leading the pack on the Matterhorn.

The Matterhorn bobsleds - watch out for the Yetti!

Meeting Tinkerbell.

We went to Pixie Hollow for Tylissa to meet some pixies - this is Fawn.

Getting ready to shoot those little aliens.

Astro blasters - shooting Zurg - can I just insert here that I beat everyone!!!

Standing in line in the rain - yep it rained everyday -the last day it poured but we are troopers and die hards.

Their first plane ride and the adventure begins.