Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Not Over Yet - we had a LOT of FUN!

Tylissa got to meet some princesses . . . I didn't get a picture of her meeting Ariel but here is Sleeping Beauty.

And Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

I made the kids go on It's a Small World . . . and I was even questioning why. That song! This is Keston as the ride was starting and it went on forever. Really - skip the small world - it doesn't matter how many languages it is sung in . . . ahhhhhh!!! Now I have it singing in my head just because I typed the title . . . stop the madness.

The big whale is coming - run - Run - RUN!

I guess they aren't royalty - they couldn't release the sword.

The mighty Keston is not so mighty.

Pull Dopey - pull. Chad in his Dopey hat. He may be amazing at football but not so much with a sword.

Notice all the people in raincoats behind the pumpkin . . . Disneyland made a killing on those puppies while we were there. Everyone had raincoats on.

The ever cute Chad.

The Terrific Tylissa.

The kiddo Keston - but really he is not that much of a kiddo.

C is for Chad!


Kiera and Joe said...

It looks like you guys had a blast!!! I wish you would have gone a week later because we are going this week! Looking at all your pictures makes me super excited!!! Your family is adorable!!!

Kartchner Family said...

Good Job on getting autographs Tylissa, something I would never think of. Keston and Chad eat more wheaties so you can pull out that sword!