Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's all about Keston

Friday was the cross-town football game.  The band is marching to the field.  Trust me, Keston is in there.

See, I told you he was in there.  The lone flute player on his row.  
Hanging out at the end of the field during the game.   The new camera lets me zoom in to far off places. 
The band playing during the game. 
 During halftime.  Both Glacier and Flathead bands played together.  They played Thriller - it was awesome. 

On to xcountry Saturday morning - the bus left at 6:00 a.m.  Ugh!  But we all made it.  This is the JV team warming up before their race. 

Keston said there were over 600 runners . . . sounds about right.
This is near the beginning of the race - around the first mile, I think.

Still looking strong and getting ready to head up the hill.  His goal was 18:58 and he came really close.  Last year his time was 20:42.

He is bookin' it to the finish.  I love the look of determination on his face.  He passed the dude on the Broncs team and two more people.  He just missed his goal but he finished with a time of 19:02.  Keston came in 153 out of 600 plus racers.  Not bad, I say!  His coach is really please with Keston's progress and says he has a lot of potential.  Keston loves running (I'm not sure why) so he should do well in the next couple of years.  He has a couple more races to go and then he has to patiently wait for track in the spring.  

Beauty in a Busy Weekend

 At the cross-town football game, the full moon was amazing.
Heading to Missoula for Keston's xcountry meet we stopped for a brief moment to take pictures of the sunrise.  I love living in Montana!!

The smoke and haze made for interesting pictures.  Tylissa took these while I was driving.  The sun's rays were so beautiful.
Can you tell I got a new camera . . . Hope you are all ready for some great pictures. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Xcountry begins

 Starting line - warming up and getting ready to go. 
 The team huddle just before the race.  Keston is still racing JV but he really likes it. 
Always look for the orange shoes.  This was not his best race but he does great.  
The big sprint to the finish line.  In fact, he sprinted so hard his breakfast didn't stay where it was supposed to.  He did awesome in his next race - he got 19 minutes and something.  The next race is the Mountain West Classic in Missoula.

Parade and Football

The homecoming parade was the same day and time as Chad's first football game and of course, they were on opposite sides of town.  So I started at the parade.  Keston held the banner this year.  This was just before the parade started.  

He looks so handsome, even though he hates the uniforms.  After snapping pictures of Keston I flew across town to catch the last half of Chad's first game.

Chad is on offense  in these pictures.  He plays running back on offense and slot on defense.  

 Val is helping coach Chad's team.  He is helping with the special teams.  He is really liking it and his work is being so flexible so he can help out. 
I know you can't tell but Chad is number 32, the same number that his dad was when he played in high school.  They won their first game in a dramatic overtime victory.  The score was 20 - 14.  They have won all of their regular games so far.  The next game was 16 - 6 and then the last game was 24 - 0.  Chad is doing awesome and playing a lot.  The deal is still on, if Chad gets a touchdown we get to go to Norm's News for lunch. 

Homecoming week 2012

 Monster Monday - Tylissa is Mike Wazowski and Keston just wanted to wear a monster shirt.

Tye-Dye Tuesday we had fun tye-dying our own shirts.  The cross country team had a big tye dye party.  Needless to say we have a lot of shirts ready to go.  

 Wednesday was Thrifty day.  Tylissa had this little outfit all ready to go.  Isn't she precious?  Keston didn't dress up for that day.   Thursday was color war day.  Seniors were blue and I think Keston was black.  Sorry, I didn't get pictures of that day.
Friday was black and orange.  This is the best I could get out of Keston.  He loves his orange shoes. 
Tylissa's last homecoming day . . . she had fun and they had the best homecoming assembly.  The principal had a mullet and the other administrators rode in on motorcycles.  A great way to start the festivities.

The Last of the Firsts

 Chad's first day of school and his first day of football practice.  He was very excited about grade 7. This starts school football, he is no longer in little guy.  Now he really needs to have his homework completed. 

 Keston looking for a last minute pencil at the crack of dawn.  For the first time seminary started the same day as the first day of school.  Morning came way to early.   I can't believe he is growing up.  He has his driver's license and doesn't need his mom anymore.  Chad has promised to love his mommy forever.

This is Tylissa's last first day of school - another sniffle day - I can't believe she is a senior.  She is loving her schedule she has forensics, genetics, organic chemistry and other classes but those are her favorites. 

Tylissa's Senior Pictures - Part II

I don't know how we are going to pick.  I love all of them.  I love her smile!  This is really going to be a hard year, how am I ever going to be able to say goodbye to her.  Ugh!