Saturday, September 22, 2012

Parade and Football

The homecoming parade was the same day and time as Chad's first football game and of course, they were on opposite sides of town.  So I started at the parade.  Keston held the banner this year.  This was just before the parade started.  

He looks so handsome, even though he hates the uniforms.  After snapping pictures of Keston I flew across town to catch the last half of Chad's first game.

Chad is on offense  in these pictures.  He plays running back on offense and slot on defense.  

 Val is helping coach Chad's team.  He is helping with the special teams.  He is really liking it and his work is being so flexible so he can help out. 
I know you can't tell but Chad is number 32, the same number that his dad was when he played in high school.  They won their first game in a dramatic overtime victory.  The score was 20 - 14.  They have won all of their regular games so far.  The next game was 16 - 6 and then the last game was 24 - 0.  Chad is doing awesome and playing a lot.  The deal is still on, if Chad gets a touchdown we get to go to Norm's News for lunch.