Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's all about Keston

Friday was the cross-town football game.  The band is marching to the field.  Trust me, Keston is in there.

See, I told you he was in there.  The lone flute player on his row.  
Hanging out at the end of the field during the game.   The new camera lets me zoom in to far off places. 
The band playing during the game. 
 During halftime.  Both Glacier and Flathead bands played together.  They played Thriller - it was awesome. 

On to xcountry Saturday morning - the bus left at 6:00 a.m.  Ugh!  But we all made it.  This is the JV team warming up before their race. 

Keston said there were over 600 runners . . . sounds about right.
This is near the beginning of the race - around the first mile, I think.

Still looking strong and getting ready to head up the hill.  His goal was 18:58 and he came really close.  Last year his time was 20:42.

He is bookin' it to the finish.  I love the look of determination on his face.  He passed the dude on the Broncs team and two more people.  He just missed his goal but he finished with a time of 19:02.  Keston came in 153 out of 600 plus racers.  Not bad, I say!  His coach is really please with Keston's progress and says he has a lot of potential.  Keston loves running (I'm not sure why) so he should do well in the next couple of years.  He has a couple more races to go and then he has to patiently wait for track in the spring.  

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