Saturday, September 22, 2012

Camp Sunrise = 3500 Scouts

 Keston doing the handicap obstacle course.
 Chad working the wheel chair on the obstacle course.
 Stay out of Keston's way, he is a pretty good throw with a tomahawk.
 Keston having fun throwing things and making sure all of his phalanges are still attached.
 Having fun with weapons . . . is that an oxymoron?
 Hanging out at camp, there were stakes from Montana, Washington, and Idaho there.  It was huge.
Chad chillin' in Keston's hammock.  The boys had a great time.  They started the camp with the Area Seventy speaking and then it ended with the General Young Men's President giving a devotional.  A great experience that will probably not happen again.  For the devotionals all the scouts would sit on a hillside and Val said it was a sea of scouts. 

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