Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tally Lake . . . the new Wasa

On our way back to the campsite from a successful crawdad hunt Tylissa found a toad and Chad had to catch it.
Chad with a big crawdad.  It was a successful hunt with bucket loads of crawdads.
Chad on the rope swing . . . he had fun but Alyssa had a scare, thank goodness for lifejackets.

Cannonball - look at that form, it was excellent Austin.
Nathan's turn to jump in.
Alyssa causing trouble for her parents, trust me, it doesn't end well.  I think her dad wins.
Never mess with Rob - Alyssa hasn't learned this principle yet.
Alyssa thinking she could tip her mom, it didn't happen.
Granny, Nathan, and Preston building a crawdad fortress for the hunt later that night.
It was a great fortress and held a lot of crawdads and a huge toad.
The second night of The Hunt, we had fun and found a lot of crawdads.  

 Chad and the big toad!

Look close, this is the only picture of Keston.  After being on Melita Island for six weeks he was tired of camping and didn't do a lot.
 Steam coming off the lake, a beautiful view of Montana lakes.
 Rob showing off his stuff and Ken having fun on the ski.

 Tylissa skiing and she even made it out of the wake.
 Alyssa looks like she is going to a leisurely wakeboard.
 Chad on the wakeboard . . . he did great and even got a little air, now he has to work on landing it.

 Tylissa on the kneeboard.  She even did a 180.

 Nathan having fun on the kneeboard.  I love the look on his face.  He even did great skiing.
 While out boating they saw a bear, I wasn't in the boat but thanks to Tracy for getting some great pictures.

We had great time even though we weren't sure it would happen.  Thanks to the crazy hail storm and needing to fix Granny's motorhome.  They made it and then the boat took a rock to the windshield on the way but we just move along or as Dori would say - "Just keep swimming".

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