Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blessings Right?

This has been quite the day. I had a speaking assignment in Polson (about an hour away on the south side of the lake) and the high councilman I was to speak with was given the instructions that if a big storm came through then I would not be there. Sure enough a storm came through on Friday night, wind, snow, cold it was all there so Saturday at noon I called and left the message that I was not going to drive and the other member of the presidency didn't want to make the drive either. Well I hadn't heard back from him so I called again last night and he never got the message so, of course, now I felt guilty leaving him high and dry and because I can't let anyone down I make other arrangements. So Val is going to drive me to Polson and we'd just take the kids with us. Guess again. The kids don't want to get up in the morning and again I don't like to disappoint anyone so I make some calls and ward members are going to pick up the kids to take them to church. Two different families because of space issues and then we would be back to pick them up from church. So Val and I got up this morning and take off. Just before we hit Polson I call and make sure they are getting ready to go but Keston is worried because he may have pink eye and he is coughing a lot, I'm 45 miles away how do I know if it is pink eye or not. Yada Yada Yada, the talk went well, I popped in on the Polson Primary and we head for home. Well we needed to stop at the house to get the other vehicle and Val and I want to eat cause we didn't get breakfast. We walk in the door and Tylissa is still at home. One family picked up the boys and the other family forgot Tylissa and didn't remember until the other family asked them after sacrament meeting if they forgot. So our darling daughter sat at home by herself for an hour and a half and no one called, I didn't need to call cause she was supposed to be at church. Then to put the cherry on the top Tylissa reminds us that she is always the one to be forgotten because her dad forgot her one day at kindergarten. Poor some salt in that wound. So we finally make it to church, they boys have major bedhead and toys in their pockets, but they are at church. What a day! So the question is . . . will we get the blessings for being obedient and making it to my speaking assignment or am I the world's worst mother for abandoning her children. Remember tomorrow is a new day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Band First

Last night was Keston's first band concert. I have a greater appreciation for band and orchastra teachers because teaching a whole new class every year the finer points on instruments and making sure everyone plays the same thing takes a lot of patience. It was a wonderful concert and I tried to get a picture but Keston was swallowed up by all his classmates because he vertically challenged. Every picture was arms, elbows and, if you look closely, a few spikes of red hair. Keston played his flute beautifully! His favorite piece was Up on the Housetops. The best part was watching those trombone players because their cheeks would expand and their eyeballs looked like they were going to pop right out before they could take their next breath and move on to the next note (especially with the young man who wore glasses - eyeballs popping).

Well it is off to work I go - Have a great day everyone!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Babysitter

This is how Keston babysits . . . prop up the Pokemon book and go into great detail on which card has the most power and what card does what. It actually held her attention for a long time. Oh, if we could only find out what babies think.

Football is my life!

A few weeks ago Val and Chad were able to go to the Griz Football game. It was a great day, the weather cooperated and they had a blast. Val thought the game was boring because the Griz ran away with it but then ask Chad what his opinion is and you get a totally different story. It was the best day of his life, because "Football is my life". They returned home with posters and the Griz "head" towel that you swing around. Chad is always up for demonstration so ask if you run into him. Go Griz!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're trying to figure this out.

Hello, we are starting a blog because we are awful with keeping in touch with everyone so howdy. One day we will actually figure out how it all works. Stayed tuned but right now I have two boys pestering me to get off the computer so they can get on. Wish us luck that we can do this!