Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Band First

Last night was Keston's first band concert. I have a greater appreciation for band and orchastra teachers because teaching a whole new class every year the finer points on instruments and making sure everyone plays the same thing takes a lot of patience. It was a wonderful concert and I tried to get a picture but Keston was swallowed up by all his classmates because he vertically challenged. Every picture was arms, elbows and, if you look closely, a few spikes of red hair. Keston played his flute beautifully! His favorite piece was Up on the Housetops. The best part was watching those trombone players because their cheeks would expand and their eyeballs looked like they were going to pop right out before they could take their next breath and move on to the next note (especially with the young man who wore glasses - eyeballs popping).

Well it is off to work I go - Have a great day everyone!

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