Sunday, April 21, 2013

The newest adult

How did our baby girl grow up so fast?  Tylissa turned 18!  You can't have a birthday without presents.

Her favorite - thanks Chad who found the batman!
Tylissa loves her ice cream cake - this one wasn't the best but she survived eating it anyway.

Decorating the school locker. 

Skating with the Cousins

We have fun when the cousins come to visit.  Unfortunately Paul wasn't feeling the greatest but he pulled through. 

 We went to eat at the Naked Noodle and it seemed like everyone found something they liked.  We then went skating.  I haven't skated in years and enjoyed myself more than I thought I would.  The kids all had fun.  Some of Keston's friends joined us at the rink as well.

Happy Birthday Chad

There are two things Chad loves, cake is not one of them.  He loves pie and donuts.  So he gets a happy birthday pie . . . and donuts.

 The birthday breakfast of champions . . . donuts and hot chocolate!

The gifts - we love birthday presents.

 Keston and Maggie waiting for the fun to begin.

 Someone is too big for his britches . . .until he reminded us that Keston was 13 when he got his iPod.

 The birthday donut hole pile.

 Life was a bit easier when the kids were little.  It was easier to decorate their room but now it is harder so I made a fun way to say good morning! 

Happy Birthday Chad - we love you!

More Christmas . . .

 Santa found his way to our house. 

The mini figs in the stockings.  The kids love the minifigs!

I'm sure there is a smile in there somewhere - more running gear for Keston.

a DS game for Chad.
A big smile for Tylissa - who doesn't love legos but make it Hobbit legos and the world is great!

This was my favorite - I got the kids a game and for a brief moment they were excited until they realized it was only Hungry Hungry Hippos.  Who doesn't love Hungry Hungry Hippos?

Ask for a smile and this is what I get . . .

Maggie chillin' waiting until we gave her the pupperoni

Chad loves LSU - good thing he was on the nice list this year.  I think he wore this shirt for a week straight.
At least Chad played Hungry Hungry Hippos with me.   Christmas is always a great day.  Full of love, fun, naps, and family.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Christmas . . . in April cause that's when the blog is updated Round 1

 Operation Christmas Eve has commenced.  Keston is still just a kid at heart, before we started he was playing with Buzz. 

 We love spending Christmas Eve with the Toren family.  We had a great dinner, read the nativity, and then it was time for the pinata.  The pictures are out of order but we all know you hit it until it breaks.

B had a great time.   It was a pinata was a football to begin with. 
K got the full force on.  I love the look of determination on her face.
Keston got it there too.
M was too busy laughing but she had fun - same with Tylissa.
The adults got in the mix too.  

J is the odd ball leftie of the group but we love her anyway.
It's a good thing D played baseball for Ricks College otherwise, I don't think the pinata would never break.

The final straw of the pinata.

 All the goodies inside . . .

Granny is good, something new again.  

We added a new twist this year to the fun.  Minute to win it. 

First up - getting the cookie from the forehead to the mouth without using your hands.  
 The girls are giving it a go.
 Chad wins . . . he got the cookie in first. 

 Next up hooking the candy canes.  B won this game first and got the others determined.

 The other kids thought the stools would make it easier. 

 They are trying to throw the ball up and catch it in the little cups on their heads.  I think M won this game and then the other kids got the hang of it. 

And everyone's favorite, shakin' the ping pong balls out of the box.  Val got pretty creative.  Unfortunately, the video will not upload so you will just have to use your imagination. 

Next up the cousin gifts. 
Thanks for the model car.

And who doesn't love Lord of the Rings legos?

Running socks for the runner . . .  

It was a great Christmas Eve, as always.