Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Christmas . . .

 Santa found his way to our house. 

The mini figs in the stockings.  The kids love the minifigs!

I'm sure there is a smile in there somewhere - more running gear for Keston.

a DS game for Chad.
A big smile for Tylissa - who doesn't love legos but make it Hobbit legos and the world is great!

This was my favorite - I got the kids a game and for a brief moment they were excited until they realized it was only Hungry Hungry Hippos.  Who doesn't love Hungry Hungry Hippos?

Ask for a smile and this is what I get . . .

Maggie chillin' waiting until we gave her the pupperoni

Chad loves LSU - good thing he was on the nice list this year.  I think he wore this shirt for a week straight.
At least Chad played Hungry Hungry Hippos with me.   Christmas is always a great day.  Full of love, fun, naps, and family.

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