Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're trying to figure this out.

Hello, we are starting a blog because we are awful with keeping in touch with everyone so howdy. One day we will actually figure out how it all works. Stayed tuned but right now I have two boys pestering me to get off the computer so they can get on. Wish us luck that we can do this!


Shelley said...

I will try and figure out ours at the same time and maybe we will finally stay a little more connected.
You have a birthday coming and I hope that it will be exciting and that the family will spoil you as you deserve to be spoiled.
Hope to stay in touch and Happy Thanksgiving in case we don't get it together before then.
Love ya,
Aunt Shelley

The Doig family said...

Hi Michelle, Welcome to blogworld. Hey, what are your plans for Christmas this year?

The Doig family said...

POST SUTFF!!!!!!!!!! What are you doing for Christmas?]