Sunday, October 28, 2012

Football is over for another year

 I loved his helmet.  The chin straps were so long that they made little antennas and he looked like an alien.  I mean a big, tough, get-outta-my-way alien. 

 Getting the hand off. 

 Blocking . . . there were many times it seemed that he just bounced off the person he was blocking but he stayed with it.  

This was the scariest game, I am getting used to him being flattened and he eventually hobbles off the field.  During the last game he got munched and he didn't get up and didn't get up . . . they had to carry him off the field.  Luckily one of the dads from the other team was on the chain gang and he was a physician so he did an assessment and he wasn't sure if his hip popped out of place then popped back in or what but he thought we should take Chad up to the ER because he leg was numb and tingly.  Scary and yes, I was freakin' out!!  By the time I pulled my car around, they had him up and he was limping around.  In the end we didn't take him in but he was sore for a couple of days.  He had a great run during the game right before the half.  It looked like a touchdown was coming but the other team was able to dive and trip him. 

Chad has a differing opinion about his football season.  The last game, the team forfeited so they didn't get to play.  But his team did okay with a 3 - 3 season.  During the last practice the three KMS teams scrimmaged and Chad thinks because his team won the scrimmages that it should cancel out the loses so Chad thinks his season was 5 -1.  Gotta love the way his mind works.  He was sad it was over and can't wait for next year. 

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