Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Birthday Boy is 10

Can you believe my cute little baby is 10? It has been a whole decade since he came into our family. Where did the time go? Well because his dad had to work we did his birthday in steps. He opened his presents when dad came home for lunch.

Another Transformer (actually 3 in one package) Keston had to get in there and check it out.

The Bottle Tops - you know how kids get something in their head and won't let it go. Hence the Bottle Tops - they snap on pop cans and it then works like a sports bottle. His giving heart started working because the package came with 12 he let each of us pick a color. The kids have already decided that they will work great at Wasa.

Maggie hanging out watching Chad open his presents.

And the snow board - now if only the snow will stick around for him to try it out.

That night we went to Bajio for dinner - it is a great little Mexican restaurant and he first went there two days ago with "the boys" after dad took them to see the new Avatar movie but he loved it so much that he wanted to go back for his birthday.

We ate so much and he had a friend spend the night that we almost forgot about the cake - it was nearly 10 p.m. when we lit the candles.

One big breath was all it took and I so wanted to count for girlfriends. Chad wanted an angel cake and the other cake his friends made and brought over for him.

What a great kid - soon we will have a party with his friends from school but we wanted to wait until everyone was back in school so wish me luck.

Happy Birthday Chad - we love you!

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