Saturday, January 28, 2012

My baby is 12 . . .

Chad's birthday is right after Christmas and this year was the big one. We didn't get to see much of the Austin during the holidays and by some magical luck they let Austin come home with us for a whole week . . . what was I thinking but the boys had a great time.

Austin gave Chad one of the Hex bug thingies.

Chad and his new ties. Unfortunately they are a bit big but hopefully he will grow because ties are very important when you get the Priesthood.

Remote control helicopter - watch out, Maggie doesn't like it and if it crashes she will be there to drag it off.

The yummy banana cream pie that we remembered to dig into at 11:00 that night. We had a great night. We had Chad's favorite birthday dinner - chilli cheese dogs and then we headed to the bowling alley. It was cosmic bowling night so we didn't get pictures but we sure had fun. We all did great both rounds. Tylissa needs to learn how to bowl with her fingers in the holes. Austin taught us how to gangsta bowl - we were cracking up each time he had a turn. I almost one the second round but Val just can't let me win anything.

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