Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chad's Canadian Vacation

Chad loves going to Canada in the summer.  He keeps asking if he can spend the whole summer.  Luckily I have parents who love cute little blonde boys and will take him for a few weeks.  There are many reasons why Chad loves to stay at Granny's:

1.  It's Granny's house . . . duh!
2.  His cousins are there
3.  Granny has great neighbors and they play and play and play and play some more.
4.  Slurpees
5.  and many more

Playing in the rain . . .
Granny and Grandpa took Chad, Austin and Preston camping in the Crowsnest Pass and they had a great time.  Nathan was in Utah so they were one boy short but they all survived.  They played tennis.
A new style . . . playing tennis in crocs.
Run Granny Run!
Look at that concentration.
Whittling . . . and guess who cut themselves . . . Grandpa.  He is already missing appendages.
They must have gotten their big sticks down to the little sticks.

 Playing by the water . . .

Posing at the playground.
Peek - a - boo!
Hi Chad!
Can you guess whose legs are whose?

Swimming in the pool.
The race is one . . . who needs Olympics when there is the great noodle race of 2012.
Morning walks to the Tim Horton's. 
Austin in character - I'm guessing Link?  What do you guess.
Holding up the bridge as the train goes over top!
Doing the happy dance!

After two weeks the Cardston 2nd Ward thinks Chad is an member.  He was passing the sacrament and then went to do baptisms with the youth.  I'm am surprised I could get him to come home. 

He has great memories of catching minnows down at the creek with the neighbors.  Playing on the slip and slide . . . with soap.  Eating all of Granny's fruit.  Thanks Granny and Grandpa for keeping a little boy happy for the summer!

Chad really missed his sister!

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