Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Music Grows

Tylissa came home tonight from her music lesson and guess what she brought home . . . She has a great instructor who is very eccentric but we love her. Anyhoo, so now when Tylissa goes to music she can choose amongst violin, voice, or cello. BYU better get the scholarship ready cause she is coming. Please disregard the doorag. This week is pirate math and they get extra credit for dressing up. She would make a very cute pirate, she ended up taking the earrings out cause she has sensitive ears. The flower slippers complete the ensemble, don't you think? She must love it because she didn't complain walking home looking like a musical pack mule.


Mossy Wife said...

Fun!!! That is so exciting! Go Tylissa! :D

Kartchnerfamily said...

You are awesome Tylissa. The slippers...okay I don't know what to say except like mother like daughter.