Friday, July 17, 2009

Wasa 09 . . . Wet

Another summer, another Wasa - although this one will go down in history as the year of wet. It is always fun to get together as family, visit, eat, and just have fun but this year it was interupted frequently by rain. I guess I can't complain too loud, in the 5 years we have been meeting at Wasa this is only the second summer of rain.


We woke up to rain and it stopped just long enough to get the boat in the water and once the fun started so did the rain. Becky kept trying to abort mission - abort Abort ABORT! So we headed back to camp. Luckily we have men with high tech toys and they found a rec center in Cranbrook with a hot tub, wave pool, water slide, and diving boards so we got to warm up and still had a great time.

The gang in the rain.

Kids have no feeling!
Started out great - nothing like pancakes, bacon and eggs to get you going. We had a good morning at the beach - kneeboarding, skiing, tubing, just playing around. And then - (insert scary music here) - the wall of black clouds came, thunder and lightening soon followed. We packed up and zoomed back to camp to get all the gear laying out drying in the sun put away so it wouldn't get wet again. THEN IT STARTED! The down pour but that is not enough - enter hail, not just any hail - HUGE hail. The size of large marbles - you know the boulder size ones. The kids were all in the motorhome, adults manned the tents. It hurts A LOT to be pinged on the finger tips by hail as you hold up the vestibule of a tent. Just when you thought it was dying down another round would start up. It seemed like forever, but maybe 20 - 30 minutes later it ended and Little Wasa Lake was in our camp.

The girls tent - what is left of it

Little Wasa Lake

The proof

Standing where their tent was.

A great day at the beach - is was perfect weather and a good ending to the year.

Tylissa skiing - great job!

Chad wakeboarding - best he's ever done!

Keston should know not to mess with Uncle Ken!

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The Doig family said...

Great Post! A fun time was had by all! A Wasa to remember!