Friday, November 5, 2010

The San Diego Zoo

The Panda bear behind the kids . . .

Chad couldn't wait to see the snakes. You should have seen him in the reptile house - all boy.

Tylissa tried on the elephant collar. I think she needs to grow a bit more.

The gang with an Asian elephant. They have smaller ears than the African elephant.

Working on this female elephant - she is 57 years old.

It was fun to watch this leopard. The keep shot a fish into the pool through a tube and this little guy would pace back and forth looking for it. He got frustrated and went over to the keeper. Once he spotted the fish it was one dive in the water and that is all she wrote.

Tylissa and me on the tram . . . she spotted the little panda up in the tree first.

The boys in their tram and it took them forever to figure out that we wanted them to look down at the panda in the tree.

The little panda all snuggled up in the tree.

Living in the Arctic . . . I don't even this I would be brave enough to peek out of the hole - it is too chilly.

Keston and Chad looking a the helicopter - they use them to track polar bears.

The zoo keeper helping the big (did I say big, I meant to say BIG) boa constrictor shed its skin.

No Chad is not looking in the mirror . . .

To red heads together . . . can we just insert here that all monkey type animals have disgusting habits.
We had a great day at the zoo - it was the warmest day and we had a bit of sun. It was really crowded - there were bus loads and bus loads of school children that day. Crazy!

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Kartchner Family said...

Good thing you labeled the pictures, in a few of them I couldn't tell who was visiting and who lives at the zoo!!!! JUST KIDDING. Love you all.