Sunday, June 2, 2013

Track 2013

Another year of track has come and gone.  Keston had an okay year doing long and triple jump.  It is hard when he is jumping against kids who are a good foot taller than him but he kept going. 

Chad tried hurdles this year and he loved it.  He had a great hurdle coach who really helped him get the form he needs.  Again he is racing against kids that are a lot taller than him but he held his own.  Middle school sports are weird because you have kids that are beasts that you wonder how many times they've been held back to these teeny kids who look like they should still be in grade 4. Chad also did triple and long jump but again hurdles were his favorite. 

 I am told these are horrible arms and he would kill me if his coach ever saw this picture. 

We actually had some great sunny days for track meets as well as some true to Montana weather of extremely cold too. 

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