Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Rather than camping over Memorial Day weekend we spent the afternoon shooting and finished up at Dairy Queen.  Tylissa had never shot a gun before and she was excited to try.  The boys brought their airsoft guns and we set up a bunch of targets and had fun in between the rain.

Keston shooting the big hunting rifle.  I tried and it nearly did me in.  I have a huge bruise for a couple of weeks.  I will stick with the 22.

I found out that I was shooting from the wrong side.  Being right handed I just assumed that is how I needed to shoot.  WRONG . . . I am left eye dominant so when I switched it around, I hit a lot more targets. 

I love Tylissa's stance.  She did great and hit a lot of the targets but she would lean back so far. 

Chad with the big hunting rifle.  

This is a better stance.  She had fun and we look forward to shooting some more.

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