Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Keston's Birthday . . . Rockin' 16

Keston's birthday was one of those crazy days when there was so much going on but we were able to get in some celebration.  I would like to say he was working on something great but he was just playing computer games.

Getting ready to open the presents.

Chad got Keston some Magic cards.  They love playing this game.

Keston wanted to get a running parachute.  His summers are so busy he hasn't used it much.

Because his list of items he thinks he needs is not reasonable . . . he got a jar of skittles with some surprises inside.

His reaction from the card Granny and Grandpa Paul got him . . . I, by the way, am a little offended.  It said . . . Grandson, we may not share the same taste in clothes, or listen to the same music, or enjoy the same hobbies, but there's one thing we'll always have in common . . . trying to understand your parents!

The itty bitty cake.  When the weekend came we took the boys and some of his friends to see IronMan 3.  They all loved it.  

So the boy can officially date and I'm not sure that I am ready for it.  It is a good thing he is heading off to the island for the summer. 

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