Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Golden Birthday

It was Tylissa's golden birthday, she turned 14 on the 14th. It was a great day. We decorated her room, she had a gathering (not a party), we ate cake, and she liked her gifts. A tuner for her violin, August Rush dvd, and a jewelry box were the highlights. Oh and you can't forget the pink bear. All is well. So now that she is 14, she is a Mia Maid, can go to stake dances, she is registered for high school, and she is already telling us what kind of car she wants. I fear this is only the beginning.

The great part was the 14 candles on the cake - she was like the big bad wolf and one breath was all it took. She credits it to voice lessons. Happy Birthday Tylissa! We Love You!

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The Doig family said...

Happy Birthday, Tylissa. How amazingly grown up you are!