Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tenderhearted Winner and it can't be possible

Chad's car is on the far right and on the top lane

Another cub car derby was here. This year was a little different, it was a tri-ward event with all three Kalispell wards. Chad designed the car, Val shaped the car, and Chad finished with a paint job. As in all derbies you can tell who spends more time making it look great and those who let the kids do it all themselves. Chad's priority is not the paint job, it is the speed - is it a fast car and luckily it was. He won the Bear division (he won every race). It was definitely an exciting night. He proudly wears the medal on his shirt.

This week the Missoula Children's Theatre is presenting a play and Chad tried out on Monday and was devastated when he didn't get a part, tears and all. Poor little guy. So we won't take him to Hollywood anytime soon. What makes it really hard is when Keston and Tylissa have participated in the past. He really wants a turn and one day he might just make it. It worked out for the best because it would have been a very busy week. Oh well.

Tylissa spent most of the day at the High School with a mentor to see what it would be like and then she brought home registration information, this can not be possible. There is no way she should be thinking about High School.


Kartchnerfamily said...

Way to go Chad! Your car looks awesome. What is Tylissa doing in the High School? I forget she is only a grade behind Kayden. I have a hard enough time thinking about him being in a high school, now I have to remember Tylissa is there as well. Yikes!!!!!!

Mossy Wife said...

What??? High school? No way. I just can't accept it!