Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Cheeks Hurt!

I has been a long time since I have laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. Val and I went to see the movie New in Town with friends and we laughed so hard. At one part I was crying so much I couldn't see the screen. There are some great one liners in this movie so listen close. I was trying to find some of them so I could post it but I can't and I don't remember the extact saying so I won't ruin it. If you are up for a laugh, I recommend it. I know all the parts Dad would laugh at and Monte would pick up some great one liners. Ken would get a kick out of it too. To really appreciate the movie you have to live in the frozen north where the lake freezes hard enough to drive on. Well it's my two cents and you know it has to be an okay movie if Val even says he would like to see it again. I bet Granny would get a kick out of it. Go watch, laugh, and enjoy!

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Mossy Wife said...

I can't wait to go see it! :D I think I saw your nephews at the gym today...but I am not sure.'s been awhile, so yeah...that was fun! I didn't say hi since I wasn't sure it was them, but it made me miss you a ton. I was like, "Oh Michelle!!! Canada trips...midnight Mario Kart...slurpies...swedish fish." :( Miss you girl.