Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Surprise

The new baseball bat

A watch and legos

Go Griz!

The yoga mat and Chucky just glad he is in the house and warm

Thanks cousin K for the matching hats

I am worse than the kids. I was up and ready to get the show on the road by 7:00 a.m. but I had to wait. I heard a couple of the kids get up but they didn't come get us so finally at 7:30 we went downstairs and found Tylissa and Keston sitting quietly by the tree waiting for Chad to wake up. We had a great morning. The kids wanted to watch their new dvds but I told them to wait because there was a surprise later. They would play and then ask about the surprise and we'd tell them it was in a little while so they went and played some more. Finally around 11:30 I told the kids to go get three things to keep them occupied, their pillows, and blankets. They asked a lot of questions and got very nervous but we didn't crack. We couldn't be leaving town because they hadn't packed anything. When everyone was in the car we pulled out of the driveway and I asked if it would be fun to surprise the Canadian cousins and Granny - a whoop went up and we were on the way. The surprise wouldn't have happened better if we planned it. We decided to pull right up in the driveway and we knocked on the door. N answered the door and did the shhh and walked right in the living room and said Merry Christmas! We surprised all and there was still plenty of food for everyone. It was a great time. Family was up from Arizona and snow had confused their smarts because even with the car in the driveway no one figured out that we were inside. It was a great couple of days, lots of food, sledding down the big hill (although it was better when we got towed back up the big hill), 5 pin bowling in the city, hockey on the ice in the back yard, fun games, and lots of family. Granny definitely deserves a nap. Here are some pictures of Christmas morning.

Chad making Christmas breakfast in his new chef apron and hat.


The Doig family said...

Cute jammies! Across the miles we had matching Christmases. From what I heard, your Christmas surprise made the day for everyone involved. Good on you! Our kids were disappointed that they didn't get to see you, so we'll have to plan to get together another time.

The Blech's said...

It sounds like everyone had such a great time!! They were all so excited to see you and your cute family :) Hopefully we will get to see you guys this summer with our new baby!! Happy New Year!!!