Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We made it through the holidays and what a great time. We did the traditional Christmas Eve of BBQ stake, the not so traditional nativity, pinatas, jammies, cousin gifts, and great friends. Dinner was great. Our nativity was a everyone telling the parts they remembered and acting it out. J and D were Mary and Joseph, little B was a very squirmy baby Jesus (she wouldn't hold still for long), Val was the abrupt inn keeper. There were shepherds, wise men, animals, and Chad was the star. Then came the pinata full of jammies and treats. Gifts and games ended the evening. What a great night full of love and fun!

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The Doig family said...

Speaking of cousin gift exchange, Thank you from Austin for the gift of pokemon cards and the Christmas penguin. I guess you know Austin! It didn't get there before we left, but that worked out. We did the cousin gift exchange after we got home from our trip. That extended the festivities for the kids and also prevented jealousies from the Bryner cousins.