Friday, August 21, 2009

BIG Reunion

On August 1st we celebrated Grandpa's 75th birthday. There were so many people there. It was the first time that all 11 kids were together in about 12 years, probably longer. So Tylissa and I found refuge under a tree, she read a book and I just watched people. Here are the "pure bloods" Val, Dallen, and Kelsie. I didn't get a picture of all the kids, I'm waiting for the emails to come in. Then we'll post it.

The highlight of the trip (for me) Pam and Jerry stopped by with their 3 boys. We haven't seen them in years but we were able to sit and chat like all those years hadn't flown by. Val and Jerry have been buds (in girl language it would BFFs) since they were 12. Oh the stories. We had a great time catching up and listening to those two rehash "the good ol' days". Their boys have sure grown into handsome young men.

The picture is - Val, Michelle, Tel (16), Pam, Ty (15), Jerry
Tylissa, Trent (13) and Chad. Keston has already left with cousins.
It was a quick trip to Rexburg - we drove on Friday, had the picnic on Saturday, left Sunday. We drove around campus and tried to find the spots where Val and I fell in love (this is the part the kids would groan and roll their eyes). Campus has changed so much. We did find my apartment and JBs. Everything else has changed too much!

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