Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Trouble with Teeth

Wouldn't you know it. Tylissa and Keston have never had a cavity but yesterday Chad had 4 more cavities filled - I think we are up to 12 total and the kid in only 9. The one filling was so bad we have to watch it and they may end up pulling the tooth. So the dentist was showing me his x-rays and stated that Chad has the mouth of a 14 year old. Huh! His jaw and teeth are more developed than his 9 years. You can see his wisdom teeth . . . nice huh. At his age you should only be able to see buds where the wisdom teeth will be, but not Chad he has teeth there so while most people get their wisdom teeth pulled at 18 - 19 years old, Chad will probably be around 14.

Back to all the cavities. Did you know that if you have a more acidic mouth you are more prone to cavities? Acid + Sugar = explosive cavities. Not I, so Chad is in the high risk area. So we can spend $40 dollars every couple of months to buy him specialized toothpaste, mouth rise, and spray to keep his acid down or spend way more than that every year to fill all the cavities. Poor kid. He better have great eyesight!

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Kartchner Family said...

That cracks me up. He may be little, at least his teeth are ahead of schedule. I love Chads little legs in the football equipment!!!!