Sunday, September 27, 2009


Week before last was homecoming and Tylissa had a great time. Tylissa and I went out to her teacher's house and helped with the float on Thursday and then she walked the parade on Friday. It was a great weekend for her. The game was terrible - our offensive line needs to learn how to block so the quarterback can do something besides get sacked. UGH! I won't even mention the score.

The Freshman gang with the float!

Walking in the parade - Braves on the Warpath!

Saturday night was the dance and Tylissa met up with some friends. She hasn't even been to a stake dance before but she went. I learned the biggest lesson from her. In my mind it takes a while to get ready for a high school dance. She showered and got dressed. I was freakin' out because she wouldn't even let me blow dry her hair. I was in tears thinking she has now marked herself as the "girl-with-wet-hair" and she will never dance, she'll become the outcast. High school kids can be very cruel and I didn't want her to go through that.

Well she went to the dance with wet hair and no makeup - she doesn't bother with that stuff and she had a fabulous time. She came home with smiles. I wish I had her confidence. She is who she is. You can like her the way she is and if you don't like her for what she is then she doesn't really care. She is not changing for her friends. WOW! She is one amazing girl - how I got so lucky is beyond me.

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