Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Jersey

Chad came home tonight from football practice and they handed out football jerseys. He wanted to sleep in it but I did convinced him that the numbers might stick together. So when I went to tuck him in I was looking all over the floor (because that is where all the clothes are - big surprise) trying to figure out what he did with it. Low and behold I look up at the closet and there on an actual hanger is The Jersey. The only thing hanging in the closet is The Jersey. The kid doesn't hang up his Sunday clothes - they end up on the floor with everything else but The Jersey has found a special spot in the closet.

I am loving football season - Chad comes home and gets his homework done with no complaining. He is ready to go 1/2 hour before we need to leave the house. And now he is using a hanger. What will happen when the season is over?


Kiera and Joe said...

I like this post! It made me giggle :)

Jessimo said...

"The Jersey." It felt like a chorus of Angels would be singing when you described looking at the jersey on the hanger. haha...Love that Chad boy. Miss you guys!

Kartchner Family said...

It is nice when they find something they love. Good luck Chad, tell your mom to post some photos of you in action!!!!