Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crazy Coworkers = Crazy Presentations

We have a big project going on at work where all the managers are reviewing job descriptions (there are over 800) because we are in the works of revamping our job descriptions and evaluation tool. So the supervisors at the Brendan House called and asked if we (Tiffany and I) could come to a staff meeting to "PUMP US UP" and get them excited about this project. Well smoke starting coming out of Tiffany's ears her fabulous brain was working overtime. The "Pump you up" was ringing like a bell. So we did some quick planning and showed up for the meeting as Hans and Franz the cousins of Arnold Schwarzenegger from Saturday Night Live. Our boss is the VP of Human Resources and the Administrator for the Brendan House - she had no idea what we were doing and I am glad to report that she laughed so hard and we still have our jobs.

The grand entrance!

Listening to questions!
Needless to say the presentation went great - once they were able to stop laughing. It is a presentation they will never forget. Here are the lovely pics. It is hard to make a serious, straining, workout face when you're laughing.
Tiffany had a life jacket on and water wings and it gets better . . . she shoved pillows in her pants for those bulging leg muscles. I was not so clever I just had stuffed animals for biceps.
Things you do to enjoy your job!

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Brad said...

I love it! It's great working in an office where you can have some fun every once in a while.