Thursday, April 15, 2010

So Far Behind . . .

I don't know about you but I am tired of looking at the 'stache pictures so you think I would have updated before now - obviously not. So much has happened in the last month and a bit where do we begin.

Tylissa . . . is 15 - can you believe it? She can start dating in a year, starting driving in a few short months (if she would ever practice - she has already passed driver's ed), and she is just growing up (well not really up but maturing) way to fast. Does anyone out there remember my little 4 lb baby that I had to take the clothes off the dolls so she had something to wear? I don't even have the pictures of her birthday off the camera yet so you will just have to wait.

New Job - I have been fortunate in this failing economy to get a promotion at work. The fancy title is Executive Assistant for the Chief Human Resources Officer. I have high hopes and I'm very excited. We (meaning not me) are training my replacement and she if fabulous. I've had to tell her to not be so good and show me up in her first couple of weeks at work. I am slowly working towards just doing one job at it is hard - at times I am disappointed that they are phasing me out but Tiff reminds me that I would be complaining about the paperwork if I was still doing it (I hate it when she's right). It will be hard to move from a very busy office to the second floor at the end of a very quiet hallway. They are building our offices because it is in the old towers that used to be patient rooms and it has been kind of fun and intimidating picking colors and counter tops and thank heavens they painted over the pink door. I keep asking for a mural of Johnny Depp but they tell me it is not in the budget. So in just a few short weeks things are going to change. The great things is Deb has never had an assistant before and I've never been an assistant of this caliber before so we are learning a lot together. The hard thing is it is full time (36 hours per week) and it will really be hard this summer. In the past I have been able to change my schedule and be home by 2:00 in the summer but not anymore. This is why I really need Tylissa to start driving. Summers are never great for us anyway so we'll see how it goes.

YW New Beginnings - was fabulous cause I didn't have to plan it. We did a court and sentenced all the YW to a year of "Being Strong and of a Good Courage". We didn't tell the girls that they had parts so when we called them to testify in court they did just that and their testimonies are very amazing. I am starting to think I just might be able to handle this calling. Maybe.

Track - Keston is not doing baseball this year - I was shocked when he told me. He wants to try track. They have time trials tomorrow and the next 5 weeks are his meets. He is competing in 100 m, long jump, triple jump, and high jump. Stay tuned and I'll let you know how he does.

Spring Break - Tylissa had a great and busy spring break. For her birthday she got her own luggage and a trip to Arizona to stay with Aunt Sherylee. It was her first time flying by herself and she was only 2 the last time she actually flew. She had a great time just hanging out by the pool reading in the sun with the smell of the citrus trees. Kayden took her out for shaved ice and she had lunches with the girls (Aunt Sherylee, Aunt Shelley, Kiera, Kate, Courtney, and Landon) so I guess it would be the girls and Landon. She also had lunch with our friend Jessica - and as soon as we can figure out how to get the pictures off her camera you will get to see them too.

Easter - the day after Tylissa came home we headed north of the border. Granny kept telling Chad that the Easter bunny can't come to Canada because he doesn't have a passport - why do you think all his cousins went to the states for the holidays. He was worried but not to worry he made it anyway. While it was sad that we didn't get to see everyone it was nice to have Granny and Grandpa to ourselves for a little bit. They went bowling in Lethbridge (Tylissa got sick so we stayed in town), we watched movies, and just had a great time. We got to see the Great Grandparents and Brett and Malori even came on over for dinner. Granny even let us bring Maggie and she did great expect it is very hard for a little dog to do her business when the wind is pushing you around. I really hate the wind! And the curse of the camera lives on . . . we forgot the camera so Grandpa better hurry and post some pictures so we can see them.

Conference - was fabulous this time around - I loved that the focus was on the youth for a lot of it. And it is always nice to watch it in your jammies.

Tallest - Keston is now taller than Tylissa. I told her she better like where she is because her dear, sweet mother hasn't grown since I was 14. Tylissa is 15 and only 4'9". I really hope she gets a bit taller my goal has always been 5'. We'll see.

Val - well this starts the busy time of year for Val. We won't see him until November. He has been working late trying to get his soccer program all figured out with teams and schedules and then it starts in a little bit so he will be gone every Wed and Fri night. He has had basketball and soccer on Saturdays but that should almost be over. He is back in charge of day camps for the summer which he is not to tickled about but we'll get through it like we do every summer.

Parisi - the boys have been doing a Parisi program at the gym. They love it and they are getting faster and stronger. Their favorite coaches are DaShaun and Cindy - DaShaun played football for the Stampeders and the BC Lions so Chad loves him. Cindy works them hard and really knows her stuff too. Plus it gets me to the gym a couple of times a week as well.

So what is coming up - we have Tylissa's music festival tomorrow and Saturday. Track meets every Friday for Keston. Soccer for Chad. Time out for Women for me (yippee). We are still planning Disneyland in October. Wicked is coming to Spokane in May 2011 and the girls will be going. Girls camp, tristake youth conference, STAND camp, boy scout camp, Chad to Canada, Tylissa trek in Wyoming, Keston becoming a teenager and just about 6 more weeks of school - only to start it all over again in the fall. AHHHHHHHHHH. Where does it all go. So thanks for your patience - pictures will hopefully be coming soon. Love to everyone!

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