Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wowie Wow Wow

This past month Tylissa has been overwhelmed with music. She had three weekends of music. The first was a master class with her music teacher where all the students performing in the music festival performed for each other. Then the opportunity to perform in the District Music Festival in Whitefish. After listening to the judges comments, I thought he was harsh but Tylissa must has done something right because she was given a Superior rating which qualified her for the State festival. ENTER WRENCH! Someone always has to throw a wrench in the plans . . . of course state was the same weekend as Time Out For Women. So with all the stresses of being a mother and trying to get everyone where they needed to go and when and surviving last minute snow storms that changed plans everyone got where they needed to go. Val and Tylissa made it to Helena for the State Festival and she said she did worse on her piece but it gave her the practice and a great opportunity. She still came home with an Excellent rating. I say - not bad for a Freshman. I am so proud of her and all her hard work!

Keston made it to his track meet and friends dropped him off at home. He is doing great by the way. He competes in long jump, triple jump, discus, and tried the 400m once.

I made it to the Time Out For Women in Spokane, Tylissa made it to her stake dance Friday night, Val took Chad to work with him. It all works out but I think I get an ulcer trying to get everyone where they need to go and when.

The stake primary did ask Tylissa to play in Stake Conference with the primary choir that weekend but she was so overwhelmed with everything else she said no - oh well - not everything works out.

AND - this is big - you may need to brace yourself - Chad got an A- on his book report. Now for some you might think - big whoop. But this is Chad, who hates to read and doesn't do all that great in school (yes, unfortunately we have the report cards for documentation). But he read a book (#1) and he did amazing on his first book report. I'm so tickled pink.

And here is where I would insert pictures if we had any. SIGH! One day everything will work out perfectly. Here's to moving onward and upward!

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Kartchner Family said...

Way to go Chad!!!! you should frame the report card and put stars around the A. Tylissa you are amazing, good job at state. Keston...keep jumping.